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Nueva Esparta - Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cubagua Island.

Nueva Esparta State is formed of three islands, Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cubagua Island. Your destination will probably be Margarita Island which has a split personality. The east end of Margarita island has considerable resort development. The west end of Margarita Island is the Macanao Peninsula, an arid, undeveloped region with mountains in the interior and ringed by sandy beaches. The combination of its adventure-tourist character and its charming people, make it possible to offer you the best from this enchanting sun-kissed Caribbean island.

Margarita Island

MARGARITA ISLAND. La Isla Margarita, known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean", is situated 38 km north east of the mainland of Venezuela and far from the track of Atlantic tropical storms. Its location as an island in the Caribbean sea offers lots of beaches to explore, most of them virgin. Margarita Island is divided into two sections tenuously linked by a 24 km. sand spit which separates the sea from the fascinating Restinga Lagoon National Park. At its largest, Margarita Island measures 67 km from east to west ( Punta Ballena to Punta Arenas) and 32.4 kms. from north to south - 167 km. of shoreline liberally endowed with inviting beaches. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall averages 27 inches resulting in mostly arid landscapes with some wooded areas and fertile valleys. Over 300,000 people live on Margarita Island most of whom live in the eastern part where the capital of Asuncion and the shoppers paradise of Porlamar are located. The western part of Margarita island is called the Macanao Peninsula. It is sparsely populated and has seen little tourist development due to the limited availability of water. Wild deer, goats and hares roam the mountainous interior and the sandy beaches are only visited by the local fishermen.

Tourist Guide to Margarita Island

I have divided the State of Nueva Esparta (Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cuabagua Island) in 11 Zones.

Note: The order was taken considering any person arriving from the Airport's.

Zone 1: Upon Arrival to Margarita Island 
Zone 2: On the Way to Porlamar (main city)
Zone 3: This is Margarita Island's most developed area (commercial).
Zone 4: The Colonial Tour
Zone 5: Still in the Colonial Tour
Zone 6: Beaches
Zone 7: Beaches and Art Crafts
Zone 8: Sigthseen, Colonial and Romantic Sunset.
Zone 9: To the Restinga Lagoon.
Zone 6: To the West Peninsula de Macanao (adventure).
Zone 7: Coche Island.

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